Online Booking

All services now require an appointment at VIP Pet Spa.  You can book your Full Service Bath Only, Full Service Haircut, Self Wash or Nail Trim online.  Our system shows all available appointments, and requires you to book at least 2 hours ahead for all services.

PLEASE NOTE:  WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY NEW MINI, LARGE OR XL DOODLES (OF ANY VARIETY) AT THIS TIME.  We are also not accepting any new cats at this time.  Your appointment request will be denied, but check back in the future as this may change.

WE ARE BOOKED 4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE (POSSIBLY LONGER) FOR FULL SERVICE HAIRCUTS.  Do not call us and tell us the online booking is not working .  Please look  3-4 weeks in advance  for a “Full Service Haircut.”  Last minute cancellations will show up on our online system, so check daily and you may get lucky and grab a last minute open appoiontment. 

Full Service Bath Only includes Bath, Blow Dry, Complete Brush Out, Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning and feet and sanitary trim if needed.   No hair on the body, legs, head or tail will be trimmed or cut when yu book a Full Service Bath. 

Full Service Haircut includes Full Service Bath plus a haircut.  If your pet needs the body, legs, head, face or tail trimmed you must book a “Full Service Haircut.”

After submitting your Online Request, you will immediately get a confirmation number.  If you do not get a confirmation number your request did not go through, so please submit the request again.  You will receive an email  when your request has either been confirmed or denied.  If your request has been denied we will also text you. Hopefully this helps to clear up any problems with the online submission process.