VIP Pet Spa

San Clemente, CA

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Professional Grooming and Self Wash

Professional Bathing and Grooming, Self-Wash and a variety of retail pet products, that's what we do! VIP Pet Spa is "San Clemente's Favorite Pet Groomer." We're here for all of your pet's grooming needs.

Online Booking

Full service bathing and grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats requires, as well as Self Wash and Nail Trimming Only now requires an appointment at VIP Pet Spa. Click here to book your appointment online, or call us at (949) 492-7473.

Non-Anesthetic Dental Clinic

VIP Pet Spa partners with Qualified Pet Dental to provide a Non-Anesthetic Dental and Vaccine Clinic.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today! We would love to hear from you and groom your pet. VIP Pet Spa is open Monday thru Friday 830am to 4pm.

VIP Pet Spa... San Clemente's Favorite Pet Groomer. We offer Professional Bathing and Grooming, Self Wash and Nail Trims. All services now require an appointment.