About Us

20170308_105326VIP Pet Spa offers professional dog and cat bathing and grooming, Self Wash, walk in nail trimming and a variety of retail toys, treats and pet accessories.  We also host a  non-anesthetic dental and vaccine clinic.  We are located in beautiful downtown San Clemente, CA.

Our recently renovated Self Wash area provides individual stalls for an enjoyable experience of bathing your own dog.  Come check it out and leave the mess here!


Our professional staff utilizes top of the line equipment and products 20170228_112634including  electric bath tubs and grooming tables. This means no jumping for your older dog, as they just step in and out of the bath tub and on and off of the table.  Our main shampoo line is Envirogroom, safe and gentle and environmentally friendly.  Safety is our top priority for your pet!

VIP Pet Spa has been recognized by the Orange County Register, Orange Coast Magazine, and SC Times as one of the best pet grooming shops in Orange County.