Our Policies

Professional Bathing and Grooming Clients

  1. VIP Pet Spa schedules appointments by set time. We allow a grace period of 15 minutes.  Should you arrive 15 to 30 minutes late a $25 fee per pet will be added to your bill.  More than 30 minutes late is considered a No Show and you will be asked to pay the full price of the missed appointment before being allowed to make another appointment.
  1. VIP Pet Spa provides email and text message reminders as a courtesy to you. Please confirm your appointment when you receive the confirmation text message. If you do not confirm by 3pm the day before your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled.
  1. We require a 2 hour notice for cancelled appointments.  If you cancel within 2 hours, we will charge you a $25 rescheduling fee.  Leave a message on the answering machine if necessary. If you do not call and cancel your appointment and “NO SHOW,” you will be asked to pay the full price of your missed appointment prior to making another.
  1. VIP Pet Spa provides maintenance grooming services. We do not perform excessive brushing or dematting.  If your pet is matted, tangled or excessively overgrown, it will be given a short haircut and/or shaved.  This includes ears, tails, faces, legs and the body.
  1. VIP Pet Spa is not a cage free facility. All pets will be kept in a crate while in our care FOR THEIR SAFETY. We cannot accommodate pets that cannot be in a crate for any reason. If you do not want your pet in a crate we will gladly refer you to a mobile groomer.
  2. All pets must be on a leash or in a kennel upon arrival/departure and during their stay at VIP Pet Spa. This is for their safety. Please do not allow your pet to run free in our lobby or outside of the building. You will be asked to provide a leash and collar, or we will lend you one of ours to walk your dog to the car.
  1. Should we discover fleas on your pet they will receive a Flea Bath for an additional charge of $10 to $20. This is not negotiable.  The flea bath kills most, but not all fleas on the pet, but does not prevent fleas from jumping on your pet. It is your responsibility to apply a flea preventative.
  1. Puppies are welcome into the shop at 14 weeks of age and after 2 rounds of vaccinations.  Please be aware that a full haircut may not be possible for your puppy’s first visit, and we will work with your puppy to ensure grooming is an enjoyable experience.
  1. VIP Pet Spa has a zero tolerance policy for dogs that are aggressive towards people. Should your dog show any aggression while in our care they will be sent home immediately and not be permitted to return.
  1. Cats must arrive and depart in their own carrier. VIP Pet Spa will groom well behaved cats only. Should your cat start hissing, scratching, biting or exhibit any other unfavorable behavior at any time during their grooming, they will be returned to their carrier and sent home. You will be charged for the time spent working on your cat.
  1. Please allow 2 to 3 hours for your pet’s grooming appointment. We will give you a pickup time at drop off, please come back at that time.
  1. VIP Pet Spa’s operating hours are 8:30am to 4pm. A late fee of $1/minute will be applied should you pick up after 4pm.
  2. All services require an appointment. This includes Full Service Bath and Haircuts, Self Wash and Nail Trims.  Walks Ins may not be accommodated.

Self Wash Clients

  1. VIP Pet Spa’s Self Wash tubs are for washing and drying only.  We do not provide any scissors or clippers, nor do we allow you to bring your own and use in our Self Wash area.
  1. Please keep your pet contained in the tub (including their head) while bathing and using the hose.
  1. You have a 1 hour limit per pet.  If you require more time you will be charged an additional fee.
  1. Self Wash now requires an appointment.  The easiest way to book is online, through our website.
  1. Self Wash hours are 8:30am to 3pm.  The last appointment is at 3pm.